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Better Beer

Our brand portfolio covers over 80% of the market in our area.  We have the brands that you and your consumers want.  Check out our Brands portfolio page for a full list of our brands.

Better Service

We maintain a full fleet of trucks and have a state of the art warehouse in order to guarantee that your beer arrives on time.  Service to our customers is very important to us and we try hard every day to be the very best.

Better People

We are fully staffed at all times with expert employees that cover a wide range of industry knowledge.  Our sales staff has combined over 75 years in the industry and they are dedicated to helping you reach your business goals.

Welcome to Choice Brands of Ohio.  We are a beverage distributor in Mingo Junction, OH serving the counties of Jefferson, Harrison, Columbiana, and Carroll.  We offer the very best beverage brands, check out our Brands Portfolio page to find more information.  If you are interested in the company, check out the About Us page.  For more information please use the Contact Us page.

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